Piece Of Cake UK Ltd

A bespoke delivery management system

Piece of Cake, catering for the independent retailer since 2006.

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Services provided

  • Project planning
  • API development
  • Website development
  • Mobile application development

Stack/tech used

  • Laravel
  • Ionic

Piece of Cake (UK) Ltd provide a bespoke and convenient delivery service to independent retailers supplying stores with a range of products such as cakes, breads and biscuits.

Piece of Cake had been using a delivery system for many years with handheld Windows PDA’s but they were starting to experience issues with the general running and management of this system and it had become a major time bottleneck when devices needed to be updated and paperwork sorted.

We set out initially planning all of the requirements and needs of the system, establishing the need for offline use, syncing capabilities when a connection is available, bluetooth printing and a fully fledged backend system to manage every aspect of the company and deliveries.

The system and mobile application we developed allows their delivery staff to make all of their orders/deliveries via an application, print invoices, take payments and this data is then later synced with the main system so that everything can be processed on the administrators end.

The change from their old system has had a huge impact on the proficiency of the deliveries and management processes throughout.

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