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Ade Mills, a graphic designer, illustrator and podcaster based in the south east of the United Kingdom.

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Ade Mills is very good friend of the founder of BUILT BY PXL so naturally when he came to us for his personal site we jumped at the opportunity.

We were provided with a design and initial requirements for a website that would allow him to showcase his work alongside a few playful elements.

Unlike the majority of our projects he didn’t have any strict requirements in terms of browser support as his primary audience would be other designers and agencies who would all be using the same technology, this gave us the freedom to use a variety of new features including the canvas to the awesome text glitch effect on the homepage.

We later went on to develop a small mobile application that allowed him to update the statistics breakdown in the news section along with a timer for the creative, browsing and gaming categories.

Services provided

  • Website development
  • API development
  • Mobile app development

Stack/tech used

  • WordPress
  • React Native
Ade Mills iPhones

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